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Market Watch

Anyone who has looked to buy a house in the last 20 years has likely found themselves “shopping” on REALTOR.CA®. This portal has been the go-to place for current real estate information for ages. But does anyone remember what was used before that?

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Market Watch Autumn 2017

Earlier  in the year, I wrote about my opinion on a balanced real estate market.  To summarize, I said that a balanced market is something we blow through on our way to an imbalanced market.  It turns out that I probably should have added a caveat:….

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Market Watch Summer 2017

The cornerstone of real estate marketing for the last 100 years has been the visual image. Almost a century ago A.E. (Eddy) LePage revolutionized real estate marketing in Canada by putting a picture of a house in an ad in a newspaper.

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Market Watch Spring 2017

We talk about Buyer’s markets and Seller’s markets in real estate.  Rare indeed is when we hear in the media about a balanced real estate market. 

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Market Watch Winter 2017

What a ride! Dynamic, exciting, and frustrating are some of the words I have heard my team use to describe the real estate market in 2016…

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