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A Fine Kettle of Fish

Once abundant, Georgian Bay whitefish numbers have declined rapidly and substantially. To protect them, the Bagida’waad Alliance has cast a wide net.
By Kate MacLennan, photography by Natasha Akiwenzie

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Reviving Landscapes

The Power of Indigenous Plants in Gardening and Landscaping
by Thorsten Arnold, photography by Clay Dolan

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Reptile Rescue Mission

Parks Canada’s “On the Road Again” campaign is leading the charge in protecting amphibian and reptilian inhabitants of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.
by Cara Williams, photos courtesy of Parks Canada

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The Wild Life

With stunning natural landscapes all around us, the snowy season provides an excellent chance to observe the abundance of wildlife that remains here throughout the winter—while also offering a helping hand if needed.
By Marc Huminilowycz, photography by Clay Dolan.

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The Purest Water on Earth

Thanks to large underground reservoirs that are fed by rainwater and snowmelt, our watersheds are known to produce some of the cleanest drinking water in the world.

Words by Marc Huminilowycz, photography Clay Dolan

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