Category: Environment

The Purest Water on Earth

Thanks to large underground reservoirs that are fed by rainwater and snowmelt, our watersheds are known to produce some of the cleanest drinking water in the world.

Words by Marc Huminilowycz, photography Clay Dolan

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Joy Ride

One thrill of mountain biking is cycling over rough terrain, but the local off-road community has encountered some extra challenging obstacles, forcing it to change its course.

Words by Kate MacLennan, photography by Jody Wilson

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Birds of Prey

With an impressive wing span, distinctive white head and signature scowl, the bald eagle was once listed under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act. Thanks however, to a well-established management program, Great Lakes’ bald eagles are soaring once again.

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Free Falling – Waterfalls of Grey and Bruce Counties

From gentle cascades to roaring rushes, waterfalls are mesmerizing, serene, and always worth the effort it takes to view them. The Escarpment’s undulating topography has made it rich with streams and rivers, and dozens of waterfalls are often just a short drive or hike away.

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