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Making Waves

Tim Oliver turned his passion for stand-up paddleboard racing into international success, fueled by family support and the demanding conditions of Georgian Bay.
by Cara Williams, photos by Warren Won

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Leadership Unleashed

This spring, Blue Mountain Resort launches Leadership Camps, merging leadership-in training, resort attractions and environmental stewardship into a transformative experience for youth. It’s an all-inclusive adventure that promises to be both educational and exhilarating.
By Cara Williams, photography courtesy of Blue Mountain Resort

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Collingwood Collective Racing

As Collingwood Collective Racing continues to pedal forward, it does so with the community’s heart beating strong at its core, promising a brighter, more inclusive future for youth cycling. 
By Cara Williams, photography by Jody Wilson 

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Avantage Sur Le Terrain

Mont Tremblant’s first FIS World Cup in 40 years drew spectacular crowds, marking a triumphant return to alpine ski racing glory.
By Cara Williams, photography by Peter Craik and René-Pierre Normandeau/Tremblant.

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Powdery Pursuits

There are essentially two kinds of people in Southern Ontario: those who flee winter and those who wait impatiently throughout the other three seasons for its return. For the latter, the snow is as much an invitation as a tantalizing challenge. After all, it takes a certain amount of dedication—not to mention layers and equipment—to head willingly into a deep freeze with the intention of enjoying it.
Story by Kate MacLennan, photography by Clay Dolan.

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