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Booms, Blasts & Echoes

From its contentious beginnings as the Meaford Tank Range during World War II, the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre has evolved into one of the largest, most active, state-of-the-art military training facilities in Canada.

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Different Strokes

It’s hard to beat the mental and physical health benefits of rowing —the meditative movements calm the mind while the full-body effort engages all the major muscle groups. It’s not surprising that the sport of rowing is seeing a resurgence.

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Meet Me At The Green

Spearheaded by the Creemore Community Foundation, the Creemore Village Green is a four- season, family oriented, shared community space in the heart of this historic Village.

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The Path to the Podium

Escarpment ski racing is a remarkable thing. There is something to be said about how our area has fostered the development of hills, infrastructure, programs, athletes and communities with a devout passion for the activity.

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Cliffs, Crags & Carabiners

Rock climbers from around the world are drawn to the Escarpment—from bouldering to sport climbing to traditional climbing—our local crags are among the best in the province.

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