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I swear on all that is honourable that The Alphorn Restaurant is a family establishment, but this story must begin on the topic of beer. More accurately, the more than 50 international beers, and the many dedicated patrons who, for decades, have chosen to après at the Alphorn and endeavour to sample every single one.

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Booms, Blasts & Echoes

From its contentious beginnings as the Meaford Tank Range during World War II, the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre has evolved into one of the largest, most active, state-of-the-art military training facilities in Canada.

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Different Strokes

It’s hard to beat the mental and physical health benefits of rowing —the meditative movements calm the mind while the full-body effort engages all the major muscle groups. It’s not surprising that the sport of rowing is seeing a resurgence.

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The Last Lightkeeper

The last of a long line of lightkeepers of the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse, Wilfred Neil Johnston held the position from 1963 to 1983—an incredible feat considering he lost his eyesight in 1940.

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Meet Me At The Green

Spearheaded by the Creemore Community Foundation, the Creemore Village Green is a four- season, family oriented, shared community space in the heart of this historic Village.

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