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High Bluff Model

With the continuous influx of new buyers to the Escarpment real estate market, builders are looking to the lifestyle goals of potential new residents when planning housing developments. The result is custom built communities geared towards practical yet luxurious four-season living, with a side of socializing.

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Market Watch

Anyone who has looked to buy a house in the last 20 years has likely found themselves “shopping” on REALTOR.CA®. This portal has been the go-to place for current real estate information for ages. But does anyone remember what was used before that?

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Market Watch Autumn 2017

Earlier  in the year, I wrote about my opinion on a balanced real estate market.  To summarize, I said that a balanced market is something we blow through on our way to an imbalanced market.  It turns out that I probably should have added a caveat:….

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