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Escape from the City: A Tale of Two Families

The pandemic altered the world forever, resulting in monumental societal changes. Particularly affected were urban dwellers—many of whom sought respite beyond the city, taking refuge in the small-town charm and natural splendour of Simcoe, Grey and Bruce.

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Into the Wild

On a journey of discovery with a passion to tell a visual story, Harvey Bodach has explored wilderness zones throughout the globe—observing the natural world and its wildlife. His passion, focus, and inspiration drive him to recreate and share his own experiences with truthful accuracy and detailed realism through his art.

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Ignited By Passion

A love of drawing existing alongside a passion for being immersed in wilderness settings developed early for Peter Taylor, ultimately resulting in his impressionistic transferences of paint onto canvas and sharing the wondrous sights he continues to experience.

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A Retro Modern Retreat

A dated Castle Glen chalet is transformed into a retro-modern escape using thoughtfully re-designed spaces, contemporary fixtures, art and furnishings that showcase the owner’s funky style.

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Zen Waterfront Living

Designed by architect Andrew Slade and custom built by Carter Allen, this magnificent waterfront cottage in Thornbury impresses with its simplicity and attention to detail.

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