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Garden Party

The Backyard Glam Tour in the Town of the Blue Mountains highlights six beautifully staged outdoor living areas, providing design ideas and landscaping inspiration.
by Cara Williams, photography by Clay Dolan

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Simply Splendid

Whether termed “modern farmhouse,” “Scandinavian,” or “saltbox,” this family’s mountain retreat in the Blue Mountains community of Camperdown epitomizes style and simplicity. It’s a testament to design that prioritizes functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.
By Marc Huminilowycz, photography by Clay Dolan

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A question of affordability. Inflation, supply, and interest rates could squeeze the housing market in 2022.

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Short hikes, long views

Towering over some of our finest woodland areas, the dolostone spine of the Escarpment offers some truly spectacular fall views, many of which are just a short hike away.

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Light Show

Each room displays an unexpected yet seemingly effortless combination of classic, modern, and inherited furnishings, complemented by sculptural light fixtures and vibrant paintings.

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A Place of Healing

In 2014 the Koretskaya sisters purchased a wooded lot in the Town of the Blue Mountains and embarked on a lifelong dream to build a family home for their parents’ retirement.

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Over the Top

We originally bought this land to build a weekend home—the idea was to have a destination home for family and friends to come together.” Suffice to say, once the couple put pen to paper and realized the potential of this build, they decided to make this magnificent home a principal residence for themselves, daughter Ava, son, Noah and golden retriever, Carter.

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In a New Light

I have written about countless amazing home transformations and listened to homeowner’s tales of the good, the bad, and the expensive when it comes to renovations. One piece of advice I have heard over and over again is, “You have to live in the space first to really know what you’d like to change.”

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