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Market Watch

As I have written in this space many times, change is constant. Paradigms shift, new players come into the market, technology changes the way we do things. Real Estate seems particularly affected by this these days. The number of companies portraying themselves as “dis- ruptors” to the real estate industry have been multiplying at what seems like an exponential rate.

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Market Watch Autumn 2017

Earlier  in the year, I wrote about my opinion on a balanced real estate market.  To summarize, I said that a balanced market is something we blow through on our way to an imbalanced market.  It turns out that I probably should have added a caveat:….

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Market Watch Summer 2017

The cornerstone of real estate marketing for the last 100 years has been the visual image. Almost a century ago A.E. (Eddy) LePage revolutionized real estate marketing in Canada by putting a picture of a house in an ad in a newspaper.

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Market Watch Spring 2017

We talk about Buyer’s markets and Seller’s markets in real estate.  Rare indeed is when we hear in the media about a balanced real estate market. 

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Market Watch Winter 2017

What a ride! Dynamic, exciting, and frustrating are some of the words I have heard my team use to describe the real estate market in 2016…

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