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Inspired By Nature

In the pursuit of crafting spaces that resonate with nature’s harmony and sustainability, a combination of organic elements and sustainable design principles forms the backbone of modern interior sanctuaries.
Concept by Catherine Staples, wording by Cara Williams, photography by Clay Dolan.

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Light Show

Each room displays an unexpected yet seemingly effortless combination of classic, modern, and inherited furnishings, complemented by sculptural light fixtures and vibrant paintings.

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A Place of Healing

In 2014 the Koretskaya sisters purchased a wooded lot in the Town of the Blue Mountains and embarked on a lifelong dream to build a family home for their parents’ retirement.

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The Light Fantastic

Having outgrown their townhouse in the Blue Mountains, Cathy and Bob dreamed of building the ultimate family escape. Something cozy and sturdy, where theirgrandchildren could run amok—with room for everyone—somewhere the couple could eventually retire.

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