Concept by Catherine Staples, wording by Cara Williams, photography by Clay Dolan

 In the pursuit of crafting spaces that resonate with nature’s harmony and sustainability, a combination of organic elements and sustainable design principles forms the backbone of modern interior sanctuaries.

In this era of conscious living, interiors inspired by nature and the landscape not only embody aesthetic elegance but serve as sanctuaries, nurturing a sustainable relationship with our surroundings.

The Overlooked Cocoon 

Bedrooms, often relegated to the sidelines as the less-public space in our homes, wield immense power in shaping our daily narratives. The integration of vintage pieces and curated finds creates harmony within spaces. A four-poster bed with a chiselled metal frame and leather-wrapped posts epitomizes the fusion of old-world allure and contemporary luxury.

Adding vibrant greenery to vintage clay pots introduces an earthy aesthetic and keeps one connected to the natural world beyond. Plush organic bedding, woven from linen, cotton, and bamboo, ensures comfort above all and echoes tranquillity. To add dimension, original contemporary or traditional landscape art pieces add interest while thoughtfully positioned chairs and dressers using natural textures, orchestrate an escape-like ambiance.

Lighting: Setting the Mood

Lighting goes beyond function; it’s an art form shaping ambiance. Imagine a forged iron floor lamp or a table lamp with an abaca woven base. These pieces don’t just illuminate; they sculpt the mood, infusing the space with an artistic allure that elevates the ambiance.

Aesthetic & Productive

Revamp your work-from-home setup for a burst of inspiration! Transform your desk into a cozy library or chic office, fuelling motivation within your space. Opt for leather sling accent chairs, blending genuine leather and mohair for a touch of cinema luxury. These chairs add dimension and timeless style. A sleek wood and iron desk combines function and elegance, accommodating your work needs stylishly and a petite marble side table adds intrigue through material fusion.

Bringing Nature Inside

An art deco-style table
undergoes a transformation, adopting a more casual vibe.
Here, the fusion of chic white décor and old-world charm epitomizes contemporary design. This modern piece showcases meticulous furniture craftsmanship.
Natural elements like the
bird’s-eye maple console and
rattan bench seating, along
with a lamp featuring leather,
brass, and rattan, seamlessly infuse the indoor space with elements
of nature.

Luxurious Rusticity

This shearling-lined chair is a captivating focal point. In this realm, texture reigns supreme and rustic becomes luxurious. In the same vein, a chest of drawers unveils a touch of opulence with leather-wrapped drawer faces. The cabinet hardware, resembling branches, ingeniously integrates the surrounding landscape with the interior, adding a clever and natural aesthetic touch that bridges the gap between external beauty and internal serenity.

Modern Dimension

Functional pieces do more than serve their purpose; they sculpt spaces. Embrace creativity in arrangement. Oversized mirrors and a variety of lighting not only provide light but also add depth to interiors, embodying the essence of modern design trends. The departure from traditional living room sets introduces an eclectic mix of genres, allowing individual creativity to shine. Artwork with neutral hues and textured dimensions, elevates plain walls, creating captivating visual stories. Investing in quality, timeless pieces ensures a sustainable design ethos. Repurposing existing furnishings, like slipcovered sofas refreshed seasonally, minimizes landfill contributions while staying trendy. 

Catherine Staples is the principal designer at Aspen & Ivy. Catherine’s talented team specializes in luxury interior design for complex construction projects across Ontario and Beyond. Aspen & Ivy is a luxury shop boasting a collection of unique furnishings, artwork, and decor. E