by Cara Williams, photography courtesy of Blue Mountain Resort 

 This spring, Blue Mountain Resort launches Leadership Camps, merging leadership-in-training, resort attractions and environmental stewardship into a transformative experience for youth. It’s an all-inclusive adventure that promises to be both educational and exhilarating. 

Blue Mountain Resort is set to transform the leader-in-training camp experience with the debut of its Leadership Camps. Launching in May and June, and returning in September and October, Blue’s Leadership Camp offers a fresh twist on the classic camp formula by integrating leadership skills training with the excitement of resort attractions and the charm of traditional camping activities. “Blue is working to be partners in education by providing a unique product for schools,” says Krissi Hyland, Manager of Kids Programming at Blue Mountain Resort. “The Leadership Camp is a unique experience for students, providing overnight camps that blends leadership-based programming with Blue Mountain Resort attractions and traditional camp activities.” 

What sets Blue Mountain apart is not just the picturesque setting but the comprehensive camp package that includes access to resort attractions, guided activities, accommodations, all meals and snacks, an extensive leadership program, and the dedicated support of group counsellors and facilitators. 

Tailored to fit the hectic schedules of both schools and families, Blue’s Leadership Camp offers flexible lengths of either one or two nights and two or three days, exclusively during the week. This scheduling ensures that every student has the chance to embark on a journey that not only connects them with the natural world but also fosters new friendships and supports personal development—all while playing an active role in Blue Mountain’s dedicated sustainability initiatives. 

Itineraries are thoughtfully crafted to enable campers to explore and enhance their personal abilities. Through a series of workshops and activities, campers will delve into key aspects of leadership such as team building, communication, problem-solving, and empathy. These workshops are designed to help campers understand the importance of collaboration, effective communication, and emotional intelligence, setting the foundation for them to become empathetic leaders who can inspire and motivate. 

Imagine starting your day with the sun casting its first light over the Escarpment, ready to dive into activities like the River Crossing Challenge, where teamwork and strategy are essential for success. Or perhaps finding yourself in the midst of a Human Knot, laughing and collaborating with new friends to untangle the group without breaking the chain. Each activity, from the Blindfold Boardwalk to the Marshmallow Challenge, is designed to push boundaries, encourage creative thinking, and foster a sense of community among campers. 

But it’s not all workshops and challenges; Leadership Camp also offers an array of resort attractions and guided activities that make the most of Blue Mountain’s stunning environment. Whether it’s an overnight stay at the Inn, exploring the scenic trails, or enjoying the various outdoor attractions, campers will have ample opportunity to connect with nature and each other in a fun and relaxed setting.

One of the most impactful aspects of the camp is the communal project focused on sustainability. This project allows students to leave a lasting positive impact on the resort and its surroundings, embodying the leadership qualities of responsibility and care for the environment. It’s an opportunity for campers to see firsthand the difference they can make, reinforcing the camp’s message of empowerment and personal growth.

In a world where leadership skills are more valuable than ever, Blue Mountain’s Leadership Camp offers a unique opportunity for young people to discover and develop their own strengths and abilities. It’s more than just a few days away from home; it’s a journey of self-discovery, adventure, and learning that will leave campers with memories to last a lifetime and skills that will serve them well into the future. E