I have big shoes to fill. This fall marks 18 years since my mother Deena purchased a small, local lifestyle publication. Escarpment® Magazine has travelled an interesting road over its first 27 years. After several name changes, the tone and personality has matured, yet what began as a small, family owned and operated business has remained intact. Until recently this magazine has had only two owners—worth noting, especially in today’s world of franchises and corporations.

This Autumn/Early Winter issue marks my first kick at Editor in Chief, and our Lead Photographer Clay Dolan has officially engaged the title of Escarpment® Publisher &Owner. While Deena enjoys a well-deserved step back, and now takes on the role of Art Director, I’m reminded of the first issue she produced as Publisher & Owner in1998. Back then the Editor’s Note was entitled “View of the Bay”. Proudly sporting a mock turtleneck (with shoulder pads!), Deena saluted the previous owner JoanneBaker, saying “Thanks Joanne, for trusting me with your baby. I promise not to drop it on its head.” At a whopping 40 black and white pages, Deena’s premiere issue featured many of the same editorial topics you’ll find in this issue, including Wellness,Home Feature, Spotlight on Artists, Recipes, Market Watch, Real Estate and even a(slightly embarrassing) piece written by me.

Thankfully my writing has evolved, becoming more colourful, along with the rest of our content. Today Escarpment® features stunning photography and optimistic, well-written, informative articles that are both relevant to our readers and to our advertisers. We are committed to our advertising partners and make it a priority to showcase our community retailers, businesses and trades for the talented, hard-working individuals they are. We encourage local shopping and sourcing; see something you like in our pages? Please mention it to our advertisers, who appreciate knowing how and where you heard about them.Without these supporting businesses, Escarpment® would not be a well-loved part of our community for nearly 30 years,with an average readership of over92,000 per issue.

I’m excited and awed by my Editor’s desk and I welcome your thoughts, letters and ideas as we usher in the new guard at Escarpment®. Thanks Mom, for trusting me with your grand-baby. I promise not to drop it on its head. |E|