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Fresh Flavours

Located in the heart of Markdale, Marilynne Restaurant is inspired by fond memories of family gatherings, and embodies the values of simplicity and connection to the land—fresh, nourishing, and made with love. 
By Chef Brandon Bannon, photography by Clay Dolan

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Collingwood Collective Racing

As Collingwood Collective Racing continues to pedal forward, it does so with the community’s heart beating strong at its core, promising a brighter, more inclusive future for youth cycling. 
By Cara Williams, photography by Jody Wilson 

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Tides of Change

Amidst the hush of anticipation and the roar of a final launch, Collingwood’s shipyard community gathered to witness the end of an era and the uncertain dawn of a future without shipbuilding.
Script by Ken Maher, Stories from Another Day, a Collingwood Museum Podcast. Photos courtesy of the Collingwood Museum and Fritz W. Schuller, MPA.

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Making Waves

Tim Oliver turned his passion for stand-up paddleboard racing into international success, fueled by family support and the demanding conditions of Georgian Bay.
by Cara Williams, photos by Warren Won

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Building Momentum

Southern Georgian Bay is undergoing change. From a real estate market perspective, where are we now, and where do we go from here? Escarpment Magazine interviewed local realtors, developers, municipal planners, and property appraisers to get their take on the past and present state of the market, current development activity, and predictions moving forward.
By Marc Huminilowycz

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A Ferry Tale

Marking the MS Chi-Cheemaun’s 50th year of service on the Great Lakes, we celebrate a voyage that transformed a ferry into a community icon, embodying half a century of community, culture, and connection.
By John Fearnall, photography by John Fearnall and Fritz W. Schuller, MPA.

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A Fine Kettle of Fish

Once abundant, Georgian Bay whitefish numbers have declined rapidly and substantially. To protect them, the Bagida’waad Alliance has cast a wide net.
By Kate MacLennan, photography by Natasha Akiwenzie

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Reel Dreams

The making of the Blue Mountain Film Festival is a story that’s part blockbuster, part fairytale. It’s a narrative about how leaders and a passionate community came together to launch a film festival poised to become an entertainment landmark.
By Cara Williams

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