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Powdery Pursuits

There are essentially two kinds of people in Southern Ontario: those who flee winter and those who wait impatiently throughout the other three seasons for its return. For the latter, the snow is as much an invitation as a tantalizing challenge. After all, it takes a certain amount of dedication—not to mention layers and equipment—to head willingly into a deep freeze with the intention of enjoying it.
Story by Kate MacLennan, photography by Clay Dolan.

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Inspired By Nature

In the pursuit of crafting spaces that resonate with nature’s harmony and sustainability, a combination of organic elements and sustainable design principles forms the backbone of modern interior sanctuaries.
Concept by Catherine Staples, wording by Cara Williams, photography by Clay Dolan.

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Ice & Easy

As temperatures drop, climbers trade shoes for crampons and chalk bags for ice axes. Curious about ice climbing? Dive into the frozen world of Escarpment waterfalls this winter–discover the thrill and learn how to get started!
Words and photography by Will Tam.

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Snow Much Fun

While skiing and snowboarding usually steal the winter spotlight in these parts, there’s an abundance of skiing-adjacent winter adventures to be enjoyed. Whether you’re a non-skier or simply seeking a different type of adrenaline rush, Blue Mountain’s Play All Day package grants unlimited access to snowshoe trails, the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, Hike n’ Tube, Woodview Mountaintop Skating, and the Plunge! Aquatic Centre.
Story by Cara Williams.

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Take Everything As It Comes

Among Canada’s artistic luminaries, Tom Thomson stands unparalleled. His extraordinary talent, profound bond with nature, and distinctive artistic approach, has left an enduring imprint on Canadian art, inspiring generations of artists.
Words by Aidan Ware, Director and Chief Curator, Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

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