Beaver Valley Outreach Helps Locals “Make Good Things Happen”

Local residents want to expand a community garden. A talented choir is looking for money to help cover travel expenses to a choral competition. The local school wants to purchase sheet music for its music program. A group of adult residents needs start-up funding for a new drama club. But their applications for financial support from local sources have not been successful.

In keeping with its motto, “making good things happen in our community”, Beaver Valley Outreach is launching a new Community Fund that will provide some financial assistance to local residents wishing to enhance the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of the Town of The Blue Mountains. The fund is designed to help groups or individuals who would like to develop their community-building idea, but are unable to secure sufficient finances through other sources.

“We decided to start up the Community Fund because it came to our attention that there is a gap in our community. People with good ideas are not always successful in securing the money they need,” says Cathy Inness, Chair of BVO. ”If someone wants to start a project or program that will enrich life in the community, be it a cultural, support, health or business initiative, we may be able to help.”

While other funding options in the region have annual deadlines for applications, BVO’s Community Fund will be accessible year round. Applications will be accepted anytime, and BVO will review and consider them four times per year. Granting criteria include the following categories: children’s interests, families’ interested, adult/seniors’ interests, education, health and wellness, recreation and community engagement.

Some of the granting considerations will include: a proven need for the project or program; a value-added benefit to the community; a realistic budget; and project objectives that are in line with BVO’s mission and values. BVO hopes that the availability of its new Fund will also help identify possible needs and gaps in the community.

“We’re very excited and optimistic about this new initiative,” says BVO Executive Director Carolyn Letourneau. “It will promote community engagement and stimulate creativity moving forward.” She emphasizes that, while BVO is not a funding or granting institution, the organization is looking forward to helping individuals or groups with some funds to bring their ideas to fruition.

Established over thirty years ago, Beaver Valley Outreach is a community-based charitable organization of volunteers and staff dedicated to “making good things happen in our community” with quality programs and services for families, children, youth, seniors and individuals in The Blue Mountains.

Do you have an idea that will enhance the quality of life in our community, but are having problems securing funding? BVO Community Fund will be officially launching in January. |E|

For more information, please contact BVO’s Executive Director at 519-599-2577, ext. 5, or email