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Nordic Noël

Looking for an elegant yet uncomplicated way to adorn your holiday home? Consider embracing a Scandinavian-inspired theme.

Words by Laurie Severn | photography by Clay Dolan

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Portals Into Rocky Realms

If you’ve explored the Niagara Escarpment in Simcoe, Grey and Bruce, you’ve likely encountered a cave or two. With a variety of options, from beginner to expert, now is the
perfect time to explore the unique geological wonders that abound here.

Words by Marc Huminilowycz | photography by Clay Dolan

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With a multi-million-dollar investment spanning the next five years, Blue Mountain Resort is introducing state-of-the art snowmaking upgrades, including 42 high-temperature snow guns, capable of producing snow in temperatures as warm as -2°C. 

Words by Cara Williams, photography by Clay Dolan

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Young Gun

Superbike racer Ben Young has once again etched his name in the history books by securing an unprecedented third consecutive Bridgestone Canadian Superbike Championship.

Words by Cara Williams, photography by Sylvain Champagne

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United We Ride

A diverse group of cyclists face challenges, conquer fears and discover the power of unity on an epic ride through the No Winter Maintenance bikepacking route.

Words by Robin Todd, photography by Jody Wilson

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There Must Be Something in the Water

Helping local startups navigate and make connections, Georgian Bay Accelerator’s network of experienced professionals propel local businesses, providing guidance and mentorship for rapid growth.

Words by Cara Williams

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Escape from the City: A Tale of Two Families

The pandemic altered the world forever, resulting in monumental societal changes. Particularly affected were urban dwellers—many of whom sought respite beyond the city, taking refuge in the small-town charm and natural splendour of Simcoe, Grey and Bruce.

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