ESCARPMENT MAGAZINE | Winter 2014 - page 94

Escarpment Magazine Winter 2014
Water -
makes up 70-80% of
the human body yet most people aren't consuming
enough. What's enough? Half your body weight in ounces is a good goal.
Eg. a 160lb person should be drinking roughly 80oz (10cups) water each day. Herbal teas count
as water. Keep in mind that caffeine and alcohol create a diuretic effect and need to be accounted
for. Be sure to finish all fluids ~4 hours prior to bedtime, in order to limit waking in the night. If you
are currently well below your goal, start increasing your daily intake slowly. .
Physical activity -
is easy to achieve living in this community, yet if it's not made a priority it is
easy for your time to be filled with other things. The prevailing observation at the clinic, after our
28 days, is that walking with one's partner/spouse each day is a great way to connect & commu-
nicate; it's amazing how easily words flowwhen you aren't face to face. And when doing this solo
it's remarkable how many things you can work out in your head; solutions to challenges, dialogue
for upcoming correspondence, creative ideas, etc. My favourite time for a walk is shortly after din-
ner – it helps digestion and gives me a little pick-me-up, preventing me from diving for the sofa for
the remainder of the evening. 'Activity' in our challenge is any form of moving your body for 30
sustained minutes. This can include yoga, fitness class, weights, cycling, snowshoeing, XC skiing,
walking, etc. I recommend doing something you enjoy.
Sugar -
is a highly addictive substance and many people don't realize how much they are con-
suming. Sugar is not just in candies & pastries, you may be surprised to find that it is in bottled
sauces (curry, pasta, marinades), condiments (mayo), salad dressings, even crackers and cans of
flavoured tuna.
Why avoid sugar? A few (of many) reasons include:
it impairs your immune system for several hours
it contributes to diabetes & elevated cholesterol
it provokes inflammation, leading to pain
it can trigger irritability & compulsive eating
For me, being mindful of the amount of water I consume has been a longterm habit, and exercise
is a nice new addition. However, I experienced the most profound effect by avoiding sugar. My
kitchen staples have been free of sugar for several years, yet sugar was sneaking in to my diet every
few days (even the sugars in 'organic dark chocolate' can add up in a week!). I began avoiding
sugar starting in August, and really noticed the beneficial effects after 5-6 weeks of being sugar-
free; meals were more satisfying, flavours were more intense, and my mind was more calm. And
after 4 months my clothing fits much better too!
If you are looking for a solution to start feeling better, I recommend beginning with these 3 habits.
When you are ready to take it to the next level contact your naturopathic doctor for personalized
healthier lifestyle habits
3 basic habits
for a
new year
What are 3 fundamental lifestyle habits that each person should adopt
for overall good health? This is the question that the naturopathic doctors
at StoneTree Clinic asked each other recently. We all agreed with water,
exercise and no refined sugar. The moment of truth came when we con-
sidered whether we were each following these ourselves. Not entirely.
Solution? Do a 28-day Challenge! Here is what we did and learned...
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