I can’t imagine a better environment to learn in.
Trying really hard at life requires some serious
skills and my supercharged family of five is my
strength to do so. So this year, and in all the
years to come, I strive to enjoy the moments
and ease through the madness, laugh till I cry
but allow sadness its time and place too. I will
strive to be kind and kind of silly, and calm in
the face of fear. And one day, I will strive to
love someone as much as I love going 130
km/hr and trust someone as much as I trust my
course inspection.
Live, laugh and love.
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Georgian Hills
Winter Wine Experience
Add some fun to your winter, visit Georgian Hills winery
and taste some incredible local wines.
Bring your snowshoes and experience the beauty of our snowbound vineyards.
Wednesday to Sunday 12pm – 5pm
Tasti ng is Believi ng
496350 Grey Road 2, Blue Mountains (at Victoria Corners)
519 599 2255
Winter 2013
Escarpment Magazine
Larisa Yurkiw is a Canadian Alpine Skier, specializing in Downhill and Super-G.
Home town: Owen Sound | Club: Georgian Peaks |
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