Congratulations on Escarpment Magazine’s 25
I read—more like devoured the “autumn and early winter 2012” edition.
Fantastic! The diversity of information and the excellence in writing and photog-
raphy—in both editorial and advertising—makes one want to keep this magazine
at one’s fingertips; as well as share it with others.
I remember when Gerry Baker started The Collingwood Condo & Chalet.
Nobody, back then, would have imagined to what heights and brilliance his little
newsletter would evolve and soar.
Enclosed, from my sentimental suitcase is a copy of The Collingwood Condo &
Chalet, 9
edition. Please accept it for your archives with my compliments.
Once again, congratulations!
George Czerny | Craigleith
Congratulations on 25 years. We are
up for the weekend. After we arrived I
drove into Thornbury to pick up some
groceries and as I was going out the
door my wife said 'don't forget the
magazine'. After so many years we
just call it the magazine. Last year you
may recall, I purchased on canvas
one of your Covers and I have it in hanging in my new office in Ingersoll.
‘Moments in the Sun’. I love it. It's my little piece of Georgian Bay while I am
at the office. Hope the next 25 years are just as rewarding.
Ian C. Moyer | Ingersoll | Thornbury
Escarpment Magazine Winter 2013
You have asked that we let you know which of all the covers are your readers'
favourites. This is somewhat hard to answer as I have loved every one of them.
However, perhaps my favourite is the one from your Fall 2010 issue ‘Harvest
Heritage’. It has been hanging on the wall of my art studio ever since, for inspira-
tion in the composition, overall color and the general good feeling I get whenever
I see it. As a matter of fact, a gentleman and I were talking watercolors together
one day and he mentioned this particular cover of your magazine as being an
inspiration to him also, and that he had torn it out and kept it too. Deena's covers
are so wonderfully simple and creative. It always amazes me that she can come
up with so many beautiful and simple pictures indicative of the Georgian Bay
Beverley Jahn | Applewood | Thornbury
Congratulations, every cover is awesome,
my favorite is ‘In the still of the WHITE’ (Win-
ter 2011). I love the Magazine.
Keep up the great work.
Lynda Crawford
Congratulations on your magnificent 25
Year issue.
You have always been the area's best cheerleader
and your enthusiasm is contagious. BVO would like
to thank your for your generous donation of space
to tell our story. Both your magazine and BVO rep-
resent dedication, determination and passion.
Thanks for letting us be part of your special issue.
Kathryn Robson | Thornbury
This was a promotional shot for a Blue
Mountain book. We also did some shots in
the Potttery Restaurant. I was teaching for
Lynn Waryll at Blue Mountain that year
when we got called in for the shoot. I think
it was the spring of 1986. That is Lynn on
the left. I am next to Lynn at about 180 lbs
of whippy blue steel and not a lot of grey
hair. I do not recall the names of the
other two ladies. The South Chair and the
town of Collingwood are in the bakground.
Great memories! Cheers,
Paul Astbury | Thornbury
The full page editorial on TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program to be carried out
in the Georgian Triangle contains some unnecessarily alarmist language and
distortions about homeless, abandoned, stray cats, only some of whom are ac-
tually 'feral cats'. Making the blanket statement that..."Feral cats pose a health
and environmental threat to the community." utter nonsense, baseless, and
factually incorrect. As is the statement about feral cats... "spreading disease to
other species including humans". Absolutely NO facts, evidence or proof is
provided to back these outrageous claims. And the further statement that..."Op-
eration CatSnip was developed to address this alarming issue" is an alarming
statement in itself! WHEN exactly did the issue of homeless, abandoned, un-
wanted, neglected, thrown away cats become 'alarming'? Possibly in Decem-
ber, 2009, when ALL animal rescue work within the Georgian Triangle was
STOPPED with the newly formed “Humane Society”. As someone who has vol-
unteered for the past ten years with local animal rescue groups, including Geor-
gian Bay Animal Rescue, I strongly object to homeless, helpless animals being
demonized in a fraudulent attempt to scare the uninformed public into donating
money and to seek funds from the Aviva Foundation. I totally support the
spay/neutering of true 'feral cats'.
M. Taiariol | Craigleith
about our last issue - Autumn & Early Winter
reader’s notes
Escarpment Magazine
Fall 2012
Night skiingatBlueMountain -25yearsago -
Some things changeand some things stay the same.
Photo Courtesy: Blue Mountain Resorts Limited
autumn&earlywinter 2012
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