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Winter 2012
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Calling Blue Mountain home, Jesse and his
coaches at Icarus Shreducation have seen the
evolution of snowboarding on the Escarp-
ment. When Jesse first began in the early 90’s,
there were no snowboard programs to speak
of and riders had to learn the hard way; by
trial and error. Since the inception of Shredu-
cation, young riders now have the ability to
learn from experienced coaches. Their advice
and know-how have created a learning
process that focuses on progression. Taking
each next step only when the student is ready,
helps riders go from the very basics of snow-
boarding like learning how to turn, to top-level
maneuvers like spinning a double cork 1080
in the halfpipe. (In 1997 Jesse Fulton was the
first ever to land that trick in competition). All
while focusing on safety and limiting the num-
ber of injuries in a sport that can be punishing
if not done correctly.
This year in a ground-breaking move, Shredu-
cation is adopting Park and Pipe skiing into its
program. This is the first time ever that Freestyle
Snowboarding and Skiing have teamed up
under one organization. Tom Dolezel, the
most experienced Park and Pipe skier on the
Escarpment, will be heading up the skiing side
and his team will most certainly benefit from
the years of experience that the Shreducation
program can offer. Heading into the 2012
season, the crew at Icarus Shreducation are
once again poised to make history.
For more information please visit
their website at